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    Creative Laser Cutting Ltd in Jilin Province was established in 2011, the company introduced the latest Italian Prima SLCF-XE15X30 CNC laser cutting machine, it is widely used in aerospace, machinery and equipment, locomotive manufacturing, automotive, elevator manufacture, home appliances manufacturing, advertising banner, decoration and other fields. The machine cutting precision, the advanced mode, the processing efficiency of fast; to carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized plate, silicon steel, titanium and other metal and non-metallic arbitrary fine cutting and drilling; products do not produce mechanical compression and deformation, neat appearance, no secondary processing, without a mold, and processing costs low. Any shaped workpiece can be processed, enabling faster product updates, inventory backlog of zero, allowing users to quickly develop new products, and can arrange production according to orders at any time, so that more flexible production planning and orderly. !
    Companies adhering to the quality first, customer supreme principle, careful service to every user, we sincerely welcome friends!